"We are responsible for a received past, but under the condition of a transmission that always generate new meanings"

Paul Ricoeur, 1984



Behind recordings on cassettes, red hair braids, farm tools and old toys we find the memories of Teresa, a woman who has turned her house into her own memory, woven like a spider's web through the objects accumulated throughout years, those that finally reflect what we are and what we have been.

Awards and honours:

CODI Award for Research, University of Antioquia 2018.

FICBAQ Laboratory "6th Barranquilla International Film Festival 2018".

BAMMERS selection, BAM 2019.



Natali Guilombo


Juan José Velásquez Fernández

Photography director:

Andrés Carmona

Sound director:

Pablo Castro

Photography assistant and making off:

Miguel Ángel Correa