Natali Guilombo


Is Audiovisual and Multimedia communicator. She works as a producer and editor. She was producer in the short documentary "Metamorfosis" (2013), winner of an honorable mention in the FLVR and official selection of different national festivals. She was a production assistant in the feature film "Lola Drones" (2014), producer of the transmedia inclusive project "Cuásar" (2016) and other fiction and documentary projects.

Juan José Velásquez F.


Audiovisual and multimedia communicator. He has been producer and director in several projects highlighting "Rubí entre carbón" (2012) winner of the prize Antioquia para verte mejor. Producer of the experimental project "Cuásar" (2016) winner of the second place in the contest held by Mediamorfosis Colombia 2018. He currently makes part of a production company that develops different fiction and documentary projects.

Miguel Angel Correa


Audiovisual and multimedia communicator. He was the producer and editor of the shortfilm documentary "Metamorfosis" (2013) winner of honorable mention in the FLVR of Rosario, this project also participated in the official show of different national festivals such as the Film Festival of Villa de Leyva, the FICPA International Film Festival of Pasto, Intravenous Universitary Film Festival of Cali, among others.

At present, he's the director and editor of the experimental project "Cuásar", which is in post-production stage. Cuásar has participated in different audiovisual markets, such as Bogoshorts and the Festival of Image, in Manizales.

Life, humanity, cinema and love.